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The Book of Poems - II

Page X

  Sabz Madham roshni main surkh aanchal ki dhanak
  Sard kamre main machalti garm saanson ki mehak
 [ The thumping of Red veil/robe in the dim light
   The fragrance of hot breathing in the cold room ]
  Baazuon ke sakht halqe main koi nazuk badan
  Silvatain malboos par Aanchal bhi kuch dhalka huwa
 [ The fragile body in the tight grip of arms
   The dropping down of veil/robe on the wrinkled ???? ]
  Garmi-e-Rukhsaar se dehki huwi thandi hawa
  Narm zulfon se mulaim unglion ki cher chaar
 [ The cold air getting hot by the heat of the face
   The playfulness of the soft fingers in the silky hair ]

  Surkh honton par shararat ke kissee lamhe ka aks
  Reshmi baahon main choori ki kabhi madham dhanak
 [ The reflection of a naughty moment on the red lips
   The mild beats of the bangles in the silky hands ]
  Sharmgeen lehjon main dheere se kabhi chahat ki baat
  Do dilon ki dharkanon main goonjti thi ek sadaa
 [ The occasional faint words of love on those shy lips
   The calling echo of the two *unified* hearts beating ]

  Kan'ptey honton pe thi Allah se sirf ek duaa
  Kash yeh lamhe tehar jain tehar jain zaraa
 [ There was only one prayer to God on the trembling lips 
   May these moments stop for a while, stop for a while... ]

                                   - Parveen Shakir

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