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The Book of Poems - II

Page I

 woh to khushboo hai, hawaoN meiN bhikar jaayega
 masla phool ka hai, phool khidhar jaayega
 (He is a fragrance, and will get spread/permeated in 
 the air. The problem is for the flower, where will it go)

 hum to samjhethe ke ek zakm hai, bhar jaayega
 kya khabar thi ke rag-e-jaaN meiN utar jaayega
 (I thought that it is only a wound, and will heal
 How could I have known that it will get into my veins/being)

 woh hawaaoN ki tarah khaana-bhajja phirtha hai
 ek jhaoNkha hai jo aayega, guzar jaayega
 (Like the air, he keeps roaming from house to house
 He is a gust(of wind), who will come, and will pass by)

 woh jab aayega tho phir uski rifaaqat ke liye
 mausam-e-gul mere aangan mein theher jaayega
 (When he comes, then for his companionship
 The season of flowers wil stop within my compound)

 aakirash woh bhi kahin ret pe baithi hogi
 tera yeh pyaar bhi dariya hai uttar jaayega
 (At the end of it all, she will also be sitting on    
 the sands somwhere. Your love is also like a stream/sea,
 and will flow down/away)
                                     - Parveen Shakir

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