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I am a top-ranked highly motivated business analyst with a proven track record of consistent and quality delivery of work. I have about ten years experience in requirements analysis, design, and implementation with over four years in the adoption of Rational Unified Process (RUP) methodology and best practices. I have implemented RUP throughout the software development lifecycle and have focus on comprehensive understanding and functional support of internal business processes and automated systems. My area of expertise is business analysis, requirements management, systems design and JAD. I possess extensive experience in the UML and various Rational tools such as Rose, Requisite Pro, Clearcase and RMC, and have background in programming with various software languages such as C/C++/Java/HTML. I have knowledge of designing Java based systems and experience in implementing systems with the SOA approach of architecture. I have experience in enforcing HIPAA and SOX compliance in IT processes.


Product Experience


IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), IBM Tivoli Unified Process (ITUP), Rational Unified Process (RUP)


Rational Rose, Requisite Pro, Rational Method Composer Beta (RMC), Rational Software Architect 6.0 (RSA), FairIsaac Triad & Blaze Advisor, Clearcase, Clearquest, Soda; Visio, MS Office, MS Project


UML, C/C++, Visual C++/MFC; Pascal, Shell, Perl, CGI; SQL; Java, HTML


MS SQL Server 2000, MS Access, Oracle 7.1/Forms 4.5

Operating Systems:

Windows XP/NT/CE/PocketPC; IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP UX


Certifications & Publications

·         IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundation certificate, 2005

·         Published on ItsmWatch at

·         Oracle 7.1/Forms 4.5 foundation training from Oracle Corporation, 1997



Boston University                                                                                                          Boston, MA

Master of Science in Information Systems, 2002

Aligarh University                                                                                                                    India

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, 1995


Professional Experience

Noblestar Systems Corporation                                                                                    May 2004- Present

Sr. Consultant

Reston, Virginia


Project 4: College Board, Reston, VA

·          Deploy the RUP process throughout the software engineering group at College Board.

·          Customize RUP process and templates for various types of projects at College Board.

·          Find RUP connecting points into IT operations, Enterprise Architecture, and PMO.

·          Define IT governance best practices and processes at College Board.

·          Find and identify IT governance touch-points into software engineering, IT operations, and Enterprise Architecture.

·          Author IT and EA governance processes in Rational Method Composer. Identify and/or define compliance and policy standards wherever applicable.

·          Build an enterprise wide communication strategy for College Board IT governance and roll out the governance processes throughout the organization.


Project 3: Fannie Mae, Herndon, VA

·          Help define the roadmap for Fannie Mae’s Automated Underwriting Transformation Strategy (AUTS).

·          Defined the future state of the automated underwriting Business Rules Management System and the decisioning system.

·          Identified and defined the IT initiates for AUTS roadmap for the next 3 years and help define their structure and high level program plan for their execution.

·          Identified organizational impacts of AUTS initiative and devised mitigation strategy through planning for organization change management, release management, etc.

·          Used Rational Rose and UML modeling language to capture and describe various business processes.


Project 2: Navy Data Environment (NDE), Washington, DC

·          Helped the Navy in adopting a process to better manage their fleet alteration and modernization programs, by defining business problems, driving feature identification, and documenting system requirements.

·          Performed requirements gathering and analysis by actively soliciting, analyzing and negotiating customer requirements.

·          Used Rational Unified Process (RUP) and the Use Case approach to document systems requirements.

·          Used Rational Rose, Requisite Pro, Clearquest, and Clearcase tools to document and manage requirements throughout the project lifecycle.

·          Document key business logic in business rules while leveraging the use case approach to capture system behavior.


Project 1: Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA), Fort Lee, VA

·          Helped two separate business entities at DeCA to optimize and better document their business processes at the same time provided guidance in vendor and systems selection.

·          Performed Requirements Gathering & Analysis by actively soliciting, analyzing and negotiating business requirements.

·          Described the business object model for DeCA’s Central Meat Processing Plant (CMPP) and their Central Warehouse in Europe, using RUP’s business modeling approach and delivered a business architecture document to the client along with other RUP artifacts.

·          Extensively used RUP, Rose modeling and Requisite Pro to capture requirements.

·          Helped the stakeholders describe and negotiate their business needs with each other towards building a more automated, and a more cohesive system.



Capital One                                                                                                          Jan 2003 – May 2004

Business Analyst

Richmond, VA


·          Helped the client fully automate and merge their major lines of businesses into a coherent IT system.

·          Performed requirements gathering and analysis by actively soliciting, analyzing and negotiating customer requirements; while leading the requirements analysis and system design efforts.

·          Defined Service Level Agreements and their impact on the design of new system.

·          Provided release management guidance and support to the project through the release management plan, release schedule, SLA enforcements, and backup/rollback planning.

·          Actively managed over 500 business requirements, about 200 system Use Cases incorporating over 2000 testable system requirements, across 65 distinct Business Processes.

·          Used RUP and UML methodologies and Requisite Pro tool to design, document, and manage requirements throughout the full lifecycle of the project, i.e. definition, design, and testing phases.

·          Used Rational Rose, Rational Clearcase, and Visio 2000 for business process modeling with Use Cases and Business Process Flow diagrams, developed Class diagrams, Interface diagrams, and Sequence diagrams for design specifications and business process documentation.

·          Used FairIsaac’s Triad software’s decision tree approach along with Blaze’s scenario building to capture core business decisions and to build an expert decision system (Business Rules Management System).

·          Derived congruency between customers needs, business requirements, and technology solution by maintaining IT / business alignment, and acting as IT liaison and customer advocate.


Boston University                                                                                                May 2002 – Dec 2002


Boston, MA


·          Designed and developed a Geographic Information System database from the ground up for the History Department using MS SQL Server, writing queries and creating reports.

·          Used GIS applications ArcView®, ArcGIS®, release 3.1 and 8.2 to create a 1743 Geo Compatible ArcMap of Manhattan for historical research purposes.

·          Integrated the database with the ArcMap to enable point and click information availability.

·          Performed systems analysis and design, developed process / data flow diagrams (ERD & DFD) for application design specs and business process documentations.



Deloitte Consulting                                                                                              Sep 2001 – May 2002


Boston, MA


  • Developed the IT infrastructure plan for the Department of Social Services (DSS) in MA which increased the employee productivity by over 100% and reduced the case turnaround time significantly. This helped the DSS to handle the Child Welfare cases more efficiently and effectively.
  • Evaluated technological alternatives, completed risk assessment and created framework for implementation.
  • Led in the organizational change management efforts of the CIO of DSS by interviewing over 300 case workers and documenting their needs into a requirements document.
  • Led the development and deployment of FamilyNet, which is the Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS) developed by the combined efforts of Deloitte Consulting and the IT department of DSS. This was a top priority project sponsored and managed directly by the CIO of DSS.
  • Developed an application prototype for the Information Systems Application (SACWIS) using the Visual C++ object oriented development environment including the ODBC connectivity with the backend database on a Unix machine, with 5 modules and 30 forms generating over 20 distinct reports.
  • Used the RSI approach to Use Case Analysis which provided the framework for potential use case deliverables and their inter-relationships, and to assist in maximizing software reuse.
  • Employed the Requirement, Service, and Interface structures of the use case to document business processes, layering of the functionality of the system, defining business processes, and underlying functionality.


Brigham & Women’s Hospital                                                                              May 2001- Aug 2001


Boston, MA


·          Evaluated Brigham’s Internal Medicine Associates’ (BIMA) current billing system and identify opportunities that helped them to 1) improve the quality of overall care, 2) increase consumer satisfaction, 3) reduce overhead and administrative costs, 4) maximize billing revenues, and 5) ensure HIPAA compliance.

·        BIMA is a part of the much larger suite of medical systems from Partners Healthcare and works in conjunction with Brigham’s Integrated Computer System (BICS). It intakes approximately 90,000 patients annually and facilitates about 20 fulltime MDs and 100 medical residents.

·          The engagement underwent five phases including, study of existing system, identifying problems with the current system, understanding desired functionality, researching possible options and scenarios, and recommending an implementation plan for HIPAA compliance


Unixpros Inc.                                                                                                       Dec 1998 – Aug 2000


Eatontown, NJ

·          Designed, developed, and implemented Fiber Optic Network Systems (400G) of Lucent Technologies, in C++ under Solaris, for clients like AT&T and MCI to achieve faster switching and connectivity of telephonic networks across North America.

·        Mentored and coached software engineers in design and development of Network Switching systems, along with training them in C++ under Sun Solaris 7 on SunOS 5.7, using the OpenWindows 3.6.1 development environment.

·        Involved in case flows, procedures and implementation plans for the product, and generating work plans, over-looking best practices, and managing organizational as well as systems change.

·        Developed the Command Interface for the switching hub of the Metro® class of 400G switching system, using the real-time event driven approach of the SunOS.

·        The Shell and Perl scripts were used to optimize the process handling by the system and to prioritize and schedule the jobs in the Command Interface Engine.

·          Used Project Management SDLC approach to micromanage the details of the project and linking them up with the milestones and deadlines


Siemens Power Systems Control                                                                          Jan 1996 – Dec 1998


Minneapolis, MN

Project 3: Hong Kong Electric Company (HEC), Hong Kong

·          Led a team of programmers to implement the Power Distribution system for HEC, which helped Siemens save millions by delivering the $16 million project on schedule.

·          Developed the user interface for the SCADA system using X-Motif toolkit with the OOP approach of the C++ language, using SunOS 5.5.1 on Sun SparcStations and UltraSparcs.

·          Unix Shell and Perl scripts were extensively used for usual cron-jobs and unit-testing the system.

·          Also involved in porting the old SPECTRUM® system from IBM AIX and HP UX systems to SunOS.


Project 2: Rajasthan State Electricity Board (RSEB), India

·          Designed the middleware program for power distribution software for RSEB in a team of seven software developers, which resulted in automation of many labor intensive jobs and increased efficiency by up to 20%.

·          Used MFC 4.0 library tools and OLE COM, DAO and ODBC under the MS Visual Developer Studio environment, while programming in Visual C++ to develop a SCADA subsystem for the Windows environment.

·          Created site-specific implementation plans, and executed strategies for the power grid.


Project 1: Chugach Electric (CEA), Anchorage Municipal (AMLP), Alaska

·          Implemented the SPECTRUM® SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems for the three municipal organizations, and integrated them for maximum resource utilization and cheaper power distribution, for a potential savings of millions for the three big power generation and distribution organizations in Alaska.

·          Involved in porting and upgrading the SCADA system from the AIX environment to Solaris while integrating the three systems and preparing the organization for change.

·          Developed the Historical and Future Data functionality using Oracle as a back-end database, for archiving, replay, and forecasting of power generation and load sharing.

·          Used AIX 4.1.5 as the development environment to develop the system using C++ and X-Motif, using AIX tools such at the Debugger and the Xemacs editor.